7 Hacks For Starting A Business, Without Quitting Your Job

Starting a business is hard work that typically takes lots of hours every week to do successfully. What makes it even more difficult for most new entrepreneurs is the need to juggle their ambition to start a business and their need to pay the bills with their current job. After working full time at your regular job it often is nearly impossible to find time to build a successful company. Applying the hacks in this post will help you start a successful business WITHOUT quitting your job. Of course, once  your business does reach a certain level of success, you can go ahead and take the leap into your business full time. The following hacks will give you a head start. 

1. Profile your target customer

So many new business starters enter a market to start a company that they have not conducted enough research about. You should do this at the early stages of your business to make sure you are aiming for a specific customer in your market. This saves you tons of time over the course of your business. Ask yourself, who is your target customer and spend at least 2 weeks learning everything you can about them. When profiling your target customer, think of one person and build the profile of the person all the way out so that you have a clear picture of who he or she is. 

2. Profile your competitors  

Your competitor is your friend. No, really! Having a good understanding of who your direct competitors are that already do business in a market you are about to enter is an invaluable resource. 

3. Copy your competitors

Relax, we’re not telling you to steal ideas from your competitors. No plagiarism here. However, you can get a huge head start by paying attention to how your competitor markets to your customers. This is especially helpful when you have competitors who have been in the market for years. They have paid thousands, sometimes thousands, of dollars to find out what type of marketing appeals to your customers, so use this information to your advantage. 

4. Get a mentor

If you could find someone who is already successful in the type of business you are getting ready to start or successful in any business, ask them for help and guidance. They will likely be able to share wise strategies that will accelerate your progress to success and help you avoid unforeseen pitfalls. Score.org maintains a platform that matches new entrepreneurs with business mentors. Give them a try. 

5. Use freelancers

Competent professionals are waiting for you on a regular basis to help you complete the tasks needed to build your business dreams. They are not very expensive and they can be hired on demand. Platforms live fiverr.com and Upwork.com hosts thousands of freelancers with raving reviews and impressive portfolios who can help you build a business as if you had a a team of co-owners working with you to build your business. 

6. Dream big but start small

Make sure your market is scalable and can sustain business growth over the long term (you should figure this out in hack # 1 above). Once you know you have a scalable market, start small so that you can manage your business during the early stages of business growth. To start small you need to validate your ideas to make sure you can obtain your first 100 customers. From there, you can apply certain marketing strategies to scale fast but by starting small you will be able to maintain both your job and your new business without things getting away from you. 

7. Use A Business Plan Builder

Business plan builders speed up the process of filling in all of the blanks to all of the information you need to gather to begin your journey as a successful business owner. If you are just starting out and you’re working a regular job you often won’t time to build a business plan from scratch. Using a business plan builder will accelerate the time it takes for you to organize all of the business market information you need into one place. The good news is that you’re already in the right place since we have an intuitive business plan builder with a growing list of pre-made and customizable templates ready to go. 

You don’t have to fret as a new business owner that you won’t be able to fulfill your dreams of starting a successful business due to your regular job schedule. There are so many steps you can take to get the ball rolling in the right direction so that when you’re ready to take on your business fulltime you will already have a firm foundation and a head start towards success. Applying even one of these hacks will put you at an advantage over other would-be business owners who cannot seem to free themselves from their 9 to 5 to build a successful business.