About Business Plan King

Building your business plan has never been easier!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.— Benjamin Franklin


The scary reality is that under 50% of all startups make it past their 5th year. And only around 40% of startups manages to turn a profit at all. In the end, just 10% of startups achieves long term success. What those 10% have in common is that they had a clearly defined business plan from the beginning.

Because business plans are so crucial for the success of your business, consultants charge large sums to help you create one. Trust us, our own founder, Deangelo Cosey, is selling customized business plans for $2500 or more a piece.

However, not every aspiring entrepreneur can afford paying thousands of dollars for a custom-made business plan. So we thought to ourselves; how can we offer a more affordable option?

By that time our founder had used his business plan strategy to start a profitable business and become financially independent of a 9-5 job. So we decided to make his templates available to entrepreneurs as the Business Plan King™ business plan builder.

Today, you can get our tested and proven business plan builder in the new and improved Business Plan King™ expanded desktop version starting at just $19 a month. You get access to proven business plan templates worth thousands of dollars. It only takes a few clicks to format your completed business plan into a professional PDF and email or download it in seconds.

Without any prior experience with business planning, you can turn your idea into a professional business plan. A plan like this will show potential investors or partners that you are serious about your business and increase your chances of funding, proposal acceptance, endorsements, and distribution collaborations.

You will get full access to our intuitive online business planner that has helped entrepreneurs move their businesses forward — now for just $19 a month. Building and growing a successful business is about smart investment of your resources. — So why not start your business by saving +$2481 on your business plan?