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About Me

A few years ago I wrote a business plan for myself and for a few fellow entrepreneurs around town. Soon after, I turned my business plan template into an iPhone app. I’ve learned from thousands of customers downloading my business plan software what works and what doesn’t. This is the site where my team and I share everything we’ve discovered, along with my new and improved business plan builder. And, since we’ve already gone through a lot of trial and error for you, trust us when we say our business plan builder can save you a lot of headaches (and money) normally associated with crafting a business plan.

Deangelo Cosey’s Story

It was 2am and Deangelo was typing the table of contents for his new business plan template. Working 4050 hours a week in a cubicle, he was only making around $40,000 a year. So to supplement his income and provide for his family, he would spend nights writing business plans for local entrepreneurs for $500 each…

This was 15 years ago. Today, Deangelo Cosey is helping aspiring entrepreneurs break free of the 9-5 rut and realize their dream of becoming a successful business owner. The Business Plan King™ online business plan builder and our team of writers, is your guarantee of a professional, actionable and profitable business plan. 


From Side Hustle to Successful Business Owner

Deangelo has experienced the ups and downs of starting a business himself in late 2007. He rented an office, took out a loan, and then bought a house with the intention of flipping it for a profit… He was going into the house flipping business. Then the housing market crashed.

It was a devastating moment in time. His loan sources dried up so there was no money to finish his house flip. He was back to punching the clock, but like his grandfather would say, there are two sides to every coin. Being quick to spot business opportunities, he turned the house into a rental property and saved his investment. The market crash allowed him to buy another small condo, which he converted from a 1 bedroom into a 2 bedroom that could be rented out too. The rental business turned out to be the perfect side hustle during the unstable housing market.

But the financial crisis and working around the clock in the cubicle along with writing business plans overnight eventually caught up with him. The final push came just after Thanksgiving in 2011, when his beloved grandfather passed away. That started an avalanche of hard luck, ending with Deangelo getting fired from the cubicle a couple of weeks before Christmas… Being free of the cubicle was a relief, but now his side hustles had to become a full-time business.

I was nervous on the drive home. I pulled up in my driveway just a bit after lunch time. I sat in my truck for a few minutes to clear my head then I knocked on the door. My wife greeted me with a hug and kiss and started cooking dinner. We talked and realized we would have more time for each other. She told me; “you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and now you can put 100% into it.” — Deangelo Cosey

She was right. Deangelo was already making money selling his business plans, and renting the house and the condo. He turned his business plan template into software, and started selling it as a business planning app on the App store.

The first year, he went on to make more money as an entrepreneur than he was making in the cubicle. Eventually after years of hard work, he had created enough passive income in his business to stay retired from the workforce forever. All because he applied the same strategies found in his business plans. Now, the new and improved Business Plan King expanded desktop version with pre-populated templates makes it easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to complete business plans online. These plans give their businesses an edge over the competition for years to come.

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