Does Your Business Need a Chatbot? How AI Technology Can Improve Your Small Business Plans


If your business keeps you busy it’s probably a good thing. It means you probably are staying busy with customer orders which means more revenue, and hopefully more profit. However, every business owner eventually runs into the challenge of not being able to keep up with the pace of a growing business. Instead of hiring a bunch of new employees to help you to keep up with demand, it might be better to employ a bit of artificial intelligence to pick up the slack. 

A good chatbot is designed to help you automate some of the most mundane and repetitive tasks so that you can spend more time executing more business-growing activities. Many of the biggest and most successful firms such as AT&T use chatbots to increase productivity. To determine if your business is ready for a chatbot, you will need to assess to whether you want to: reach a broader audience, automate responses to repetitive questions you get from your customers, easily collect customer data that could be used to improve sales and service quality, and improve the predictability of the quality of your product or service delivery. Most businesses, large or small, would benefit from at least one of these items, which is why you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of using a chatbot regardless of the type of business you own. Let’s look at each of these briefly to see exactly how a chatbot might be helpful to your business. 

Automating Mundane Tasks

Every business has a certain number of tasks that are the most boring, repetitive, and predictable. For example, chatbots are good at retrieving customer account information after being provided with a few details about the customer. Since most customers tend to contact you wanting to verify details on their account such as billing, purchase history, and shipping tracking, chatbots are good at giving the user all of the information they need without human interaction. 

Reach a Broader Audience

Being able to automate a significant amount of tasks with a chatbot means you should be able to process more orders, and complete more customer interactions than you were before. This is important to your business because it means your business can scale more easily so that it can reach broader audiences with your products and services. 

 Collect Customer Data

Getting feedback from your customers about their customer experience is a  critical element of success in the world of business today. Due to the data collection capabilities of chatbots, you can automate the collection of key data from your customers that can prove to be very instrumental  in improving your products and services. 

Improve Quality Control 

Information that is collected from the automated data collection of a chatbot can be used to identify key areas your product or service need to improve. This is a very valuable tool that was historically only available to large firms with million dollar marketing research budgets. Now for the price of a daily cup of coffee your business can automate data collection and data organizing tasks that could provide insights into an improved business strategy that could ultimately result in more sales for your company.


Chatbots may not be for every business. However, in today’s fast-paced business climate, their potential benefits should not be overlooked. Take an assessment into your business goals and available resources and determine if chatbot usage is the best way to go. At least now you know the possible gains to be made from using them effectively.