Business Planning Resources

Ever wish you had a business mentor in the palm of your hand?


Well, with this Business Plan King Resources list, you kind of do. For your convenience, we’ve linked to this page everything you could ever want and need to get your business off the ground, running.


Basically, this page is where smart entrepreneurs like you can come to find the latest business planning resources, so you can create a solid business plan from start to finish, without hiring out pricey consultants or freelance business writers. Plus, we even have business plan tips, tricks, and strategies so you can start your business off with a bang, and keep it growing steadily.


Some of the resources included here are outside parties that every entrepreneur should be familiar with, including the Small Business Association (SBA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


If you haven’t already, most definitely give these websites a look. The SBA has plenty of resources that go beyond business plan templates and breakdowns, like the latest national business policies and bailout plans for small businesses who might be struggling from COVID-19 or otherwise. And, if your business doesn’t already have a CPA/tax guy, do find a good one soon, so they can explain all that very important IRS jargon to you.

And as helpful as all that is, just to be clear, help at Business Plan King doesn’t stop on this resources page. Make sure you also check out our Business Plan Builder software – starting at just $1; so you can learn how to write a successful business plan one step at a time, and access more business plan templates than you could ever need.

And finally, remember that for absolutely free you can access some of our top notch business plan guides and templates…and become a part of our Business Plan King mailing list. Because those who stay most competitive in business are those who stay the most up to date and in the know.

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