Why LinkedIn is the New Facebook in Business Marketing: Add This To Your Business Plan


Could Linkedin be the next Facebook? Who can say for sure? There are some similarities, especially one in particular that is causing business to business marketers to consider the possibility more seriously. Unlike Facebook which has over 2.7 billion active users, Linkedin only has 675 million active users and grew by 24% in revenue for the second quarter of 2020. Of course one would think the greatest opportunity for customers is on Facebook due to the greater amount of active users. However, sometimes greater usage is also an indicator of greater saturation. In other words, pursuing business to business opportunities on Facebook might be harder because there are so many other businesses clamoring for each user’s attention. The level of saturation of a platform is important because it determines how easy or difficult it is to become successful marketing your products or services through that platform. 

Consider what blogging opportunities were like on the Internet in the mid 1990s. The first blog was not created until 1994 and WordPress didn’t emerge as a platform until 2003. Can you imagine the position you would be in if you had created a blog about any topic in those days? Your ability to reach people organically would have been through the roof. You would be considered the authority on almost any topic you blogged about and you would be able to establish yourself in your market online very easily. In a nutshell, your opportunity for organic reach would be great because you would have entered before the blogosphere became saturated, and therefore you would have found it easy to stand out from the crowd. 

Organic reach is the number of people who are exposed to your content without paid advertising. Every online marketing and social media platform follows a pattern of organic reach potential. It begins with high levels of organic reach potential that doesn’t cost much time or resources and decreases in organic reach potential as the platform becomes more and more saturated over time. This is the number one reason Linkedin can be considered to be the next Facebook, especially for B2B business opportunities. It is growing leaps and bounds each year and is also growing its capacity for organic content to be posted and shared. Chances are that five to seven years from now organic reach will become more difficult on Linkedin just as it has on Facebook and other platforms. That is why it is important that you don’t procrastinate. Jump onto the growing Linkedin momentum and ride the way up before it becomes too saturated and much more difficult. 

Facebook is still a great place to launch and engage users and potential consumers of your business. With billions of active followers and it’s viral sharing ability it should still not be overlooked by any business looking to make a good impression on customers. However, it is more saturated than it ever has been. LinkedIn on the other hand is still on the climb of becoming one of the great social media platforms for professionals and companies of all time. It is becoming clear that whatever you could accomplish on Facebook when it was in its infancy could be accomplished in B2B marketing through LinkedIn. But of course the only way to find out how well it will work for you is to get your profile ready and start releasing useful content that your followers on LinkedIn would be interested in. If done effectively, developing more business on LinkedIn might be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business.